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Guildford Table Tennis Centre open for bookings ON TUESDAYS and Wednesdays

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Dear GTTL members


Guildford Table Tennis Centre is now open for practice ON TUESDAY EVENINGS as well as Wednesdays. The first Tuesday will be on 15th September.


There will be two booking slots:

  • From 7:20pm to 8:20pm.
  • from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.


When booking, please indicate whether you would like to book one hour or two hours and specify which hour slot you would prefer and which day(s). Depending on demand you may not get exactly what you ask for and if demand is high then players may be limited to just one hour. The cost is £3.00 per hour for seniors and £1.50 per hour for juniors/students. I ask those who attend to assist me with cleaning table surfaces with the provided kitchen roll after each hour, once I have sprayed the surfaces with the table cleaner.


To book a slot, please contact me (Adam Laws) on I would need the following information for all players who attend: contact details, emergency contact details and payment method. Stay updated on the Guildford Table Tennis League website:


To attend these sessions, the following rules and restrictions must be adhered to:

  • bookings of tables to be made in advance. Arrange to book a table with a partner.
  • Players not to attend if they or any member of their family has shown symptoms of the virus.
  • All participants are required to report to club via telephone at earliest opportunity if they or contacts become unwell after they have attended a session in last 14 days.
  • No cash payments to be taken. Once a booking has been confirmed, players to be provided with GTTL bank details for online bank transfer.
  • Players to agree beforehand who they would practice with and let the organizer (Adam Laws) know. It is possible that players may be put in bubbles of six during each hour slot.
  • no doubles - only singles.
  • keeping at least 1+m/2m apart where possible.
  • bags brought into courts. Towels and water bottles to be kept in players’ bags.
  • Players to bring their own refreshments and refrain from using the water cooler
  • players to bring their own bats and balls.
  • Players to ensure table tennis balls are cleaned regularly.
  • No handshaking, breathing on ball or wiping hands on table.
  • hand sanitisers/anti bacterial gel to be used before play. This will be provided but players are encouraged to bring their own.
  • players to wipe down their side of the table with a clean towel at the end of their session.
  • Surrounds/walls not handled by players
  • Parents / non-players accompanying players to stay outside the playing hall, unless by prior agreement
  • Disabled toilet ONLY to be used
  • players to arrive as late as possible before scheduled to play and leave as soon as possible after they have finished.
  • Players to agree beforehand to follow the above regulations.