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Week 31

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This week, in the Guildford Table Tennis League, the Fourth Division title has been clinched by Woking B who were undefeated.- Igor Vypirailenko topped the averages and team mates Alex Bolychevsky, and Malcolm Hollet were at seventy percent. Unusually they have played every match together as a team.

The Division Three title is the most closely contested in the Leagues program with College D, E, Aftermath A and Emmanuel all in with a chance of glory-Watch this space!!

The brainchild of Head Coach Adam Law’s- a Junior League- reached its climax when Spin Wizards were duly crowned Champions with Team Vincent runners up-Max Flint and James Scott were the triumphant duo.

In the various battles for survival; Premier Division -College Hill look safe for another season with Challoner B and Cody A for the drop.

Division One, and an intriguing situation exists where long term member of this Division, Bramley A, could suffer relegation. With College C definitely down perm one from three to fill the other spot Abinger A and Aftermath A complete the trio of endangered teams.

Division Two, and really not a very successful season for Bramley sides as their C and D outfits both face relegation having been promoted last year.

The Third Division ,still with games to play, sees Godalming L down, with Challoner C likely to follow barring a miracle, they are ten points adrift of Godalming K.