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Week 17

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Press report Guildford Table Tennis League Week 17

This week, in the Guildford Table Tennis League, we find a lull in hostilities and a time for reflection on what has become a truly fascinating season of peaks and troughs for many of the 60 teams involved in keen competition-Week in week out players do battle in one of the most powerful leagues in the country but in sociability, comradeship and always with the highest sporting ideals.

Top of the bill, for many weeks , has been Godalming A led by local star and coaching supremo  Adam Laws.  with Frederico  Viterbo and Rob Pountney, leaders of the Premier Division since the opening of the season, are now twenty points clear of the field. At the foot of the table Cody A and Challoner B look doomed to relegation.

In the First Division it’s the same story  Ash being  dominant with  Rob Gladstone ,Paul  Myers, Eliot Tilley and Ben Fereday riding high in the averages. Merrow E, with two games in hand, look set for second place.

The Second Division tells a different story with leaders Godalming E- still in  pole position- but showing a certain vulnerability recently. In the lower regions Bramley C and D almost certainly face the drop-Humble pie will be eaten should any of  this scribes  predictions prove false!!

In the third tier you could take your pick. Emmanual lead by six points- nice to see the Church side and relative newcomer to the league performing so well! But amazingly only nine  points cover the  next seven teams, the relegation situation is also tense as you may perm any two from four at the bottom-Watch this space!

The Fourth Division looks to be a two horse race with Cody B and Woking B locked together. It would seem that this particular conflict will go the distance .It is worth commenting that the four Gadalming sides at the foot of the table, in contrast to their A side , although being on the losing side more often than not, still enjoy their Table Tennis in good humour, grace and sportsmanship in keeping with the true ideals of the Association.