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Week 9

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The Guildford League shows really well that Table Tennis is a game for all and a game for life.  This season the league debutants in division four have included juniors, seniors and veterans. League players include nine in their eighties and about twice as many under eighteens.

Teams from Godalming and Woking Lawn Tennis Club account for over half of division four where the battle for second place remains fierce.  Woking LTC B are looking well placed after their 10-0 victory over a 2 person Godalming R team, with maximum wins for Igor Vypirailenko, Alex Bolychevsky and Malcolm Hollett. In the middle of the table, Merrow H gained a 7-3 win over Woking C to edge 1 point above them with two wins apiece for Merrow’s David Lush, Joe Zhu and Max Flint. Andrew Bramwell took all three for Godalming.

In division three, three teams are currently vying for the two promotion places whilst five teams could potentially be fighting to avoid the second relegation slot.  Ash B had a good 7-3 win over second placed College Hill E with James Wyncoll collecting a maximum for Ash. Third placed Godalming J only managed a draw against the third from bottom, Challoner C. Chris Ray was undefeated for Challoner whilst Fred Florance and Ben Tahouri won two each for Godalming.

Godalming E continued their domination of division 2 with an 8-2 win over Merrow F whilst contenders for the second slot, Aftermath C, won 8-2 against Bramley D with Dave Harden and Dave Wilson both winning all three.

In the first division, the promotion and relegation contenders are becoming clearer but it remains very close in the middle of the table where Godalming D achieved an 8-2 win over higher placed College Hill B with Steve Day and Jonathan Cannon winning all three.

In the premier division, Godalming A continue to crush all opposition and the only other players who still have 100% averages are from second placed Burymead A, who have yet to encounter them.  Merrow B were Godalming's victims last week but they bounced back to beat newly promoted Challoner B 10-0 with wins from Graham Faulkner, John Callcut and Richard Seymour. In another middle vs near bottom of the table clash, Godalming B beat College Hill A 9-1 with maximums from Simon Vine and Rory Scott.