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ELCC Senior Finals

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 The ETTA preview:


Saturday sees eight teams from all corners of England challenge for the Senior trophies.  Teams will be travelling from Hastings and Hull, Birmingham and Chester. Bournemouth League is the number one seed in the Ladies event with England International, Hannah Hicks, hoping to help win the trophy for a second time, along with team mates Sanja Clements and Hannah McErlane. Sheffield holds the top spot in the Men’s event with Matt Dodds and Shaun Marples being their strongest two players.


Many of the opposing teams fielded players ranked above ours and we knew we were up against it with both our teams meeting the top seeds in the group stage.


In the Rose Bowl, Sarah & Feifei narrowly missed second place in the group and did well in the play off to come 5th overall.


In the Wilmott, Michael and Alain did well to come second in the group but lost in the playoff to come 4th overall.


There were a lot of good close matches generally running to ranking; Feifei played particularly well, beating two players ranked above her and had a fantastic match against England no 18 Sanya Clements, at two down she dominated the third, loosing deuce in the fourth.


John Upham took photos during the day, so looking forward to seeing pictures of some of the action.


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