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Scorecard for : Merrow B v College Hill A

Submitted: 2017-11-28 13:19:07 by Graham Faulkner

AGraham FaulknerXAndy Clegg
BRichard SeymourYPhil Harrison
CJohn CallcutZGraham Nutting
A v X5-918 10
B v Y774  10
C v Z7104  10
B v X9813  10
A v Z-9986 10
Dbles8-989 10
C v Y99-8-10610
B v Z238  10
C v X946  10
A v Y-107-77-1001

Graham Faulkner23Andy Clegg03
Richard Seymour33Phil Harrison13
John Callcut33Graham Nutting03

Doubles played by: Richard & John v Phil & Graham. Phil recovered from 10-4 down in the 5th set to beat Graham Faulkner.