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Scorecard for : Merrow B v Merrow C

Submitted: 2017-10-10 13:44:02 by Graham Faulkner

AGraham FaulknerXMicky Lang
BJohn CallcutYAndy Appleby
CDan BarnaZGraham Diplock
A v X-96126 10
B v Y-1011128 10
C v Z45-99 10
B v XWOH    10
A v Z5-99-6-901
Dbles810-98 10
C v Y798  10
B v Z99-92 10
C v XWOH    10
A v Y3107  10

Graham Faulkner23Micky Lang01
John Callcut22Andy Appleby03
Dan Barna22Graham Diplock13

Doubles played by: Graham & John v Andy & Graham Micky Lang had to retire hurt against John when he crashed into the wall and hurt his shoulder. Hopefully, Micky will be fit and playing again soon.