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Scorecard for : Merrow C v Burymead A

Submitted: 2017-09-29 11:07:52 by micky lang

AMicky LangXPhil Snelson
BAndy ApplebyYRobin Pretty
CGraham DiplockZMark Handcock
A v X-7-87-7 01
B v Y7115  10
C v Z-5-3-6  01
B v X4-6-8-13 01
A v Z8-69-8-801
C v Y498  10
B v Z-9-4-9  01
C v X-5-6-7  01
A v Y5-11-9-5 01

Micky Lang03Phil Snelson33
Andy Appleby13Robin Pretty13
Graham Diplock13Mark Handcock33

Doubles played by:a and c versus x and z