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Scorecard for : College Hill A v Godalming A

Submitted: 2017-09-27 20:57:18 by andy clegg

AAndy CleggXAdam Laws
BGraham NuttingYFederico Viterbo
CPaul CreamerZRob Pountney
A v X-1-4-7  01
B v Y-4-9-3  01
C v Z-2-11-7  01
B v X-9-3-6  01
A v Z-6-11-6  01
Dbles-6-10-1  01
C v Y-6-9-7  01
B v Z8-8-3-1 01
C v X-7-3-9  01
A v Y-4-2-5  01

Andy Clegg03Adam Laws33
Graham Nutting03Federico Viterbo33
Paul Creamer03Rob Pountney33

Doubles played by:Andy and Graham vs. Adam and Rob. The scores did not reflect the enjoyment had by all.