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Scorecard for : Burymead B v Merrow C

Submitted: 2017-09-19 00:30:16 by dropshot

ARichard TannerXAndy Mudie
BMichael HillYMicky Lang
CTim WallerZGraham Diplock
A v X-105-89610
B v Y9106  10
C v Z-8-9-11  01
B v X-4-9-8  01
A v Z457  10
Dbles-176710 10
C v Y7-76-7-701
B v Z854  10
C v X-11-9-4  01
A v Y253  10

Richard Tanner33Andy Mudie23
Michael Hill23Micky Lang13
Tim Waller03Graham Diplock13

Doubles played by:Richard/Tim v Andy/Micky After Tim's heroics last season it was a case of hero to zero. Mike v Graham had no point last more than 4 shots and took about 7 minutes. An ugly pair of slappers?